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From the desk of Frank T. & Mary D. Baker

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This is Evan Samosky.  He’s 6. And a philanthropist!

Even while Evan was still in his birthmother’s womb; Frank and Kristen Samosky provided for his prenatal care and prayed for his safe arrival.  They were blessed with a healthy and active baby and from the outset knew that it was their responsibility to provide him with a life full of love, fun and compassion.  Evan was saved from a life that could possibly have been full of hardship and despair and was set upon a path of certain success based on one philosophy-if you want to receive more, give more.  Evan was a gift they would not take for granted.  Here’s (part of) their story.

Mary and I came to know the Samosky family as we stopped after Wednesday night choir practices for a treat at their business, Kittanning Dairy Queen.  We learned that fellow Foundation Board Director Jerry Arbaugh had challenged them to start a fund.  During our many conversations, it became apparent that the Samoskys were focused upon three things; working hard to make a difference with their lives, making a commitment to each other and their son Evan, and giving back to give thanks for what they have.

While talking about philanthropy, we shared a story of Ben Franklin, who established a trust in 1790 with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the amount of 1000 Pounds Sterling (about $4000.00).  He instructed that this amount be invested for 200 years, and at the end of that period, that the money be used to do good.  It grew to over 2 million dollars.  Our Executive Director, Mindy Knappenberger applied for and the foundation received $16,418.83 from Ben Franklin’s original gift to establish the Ben Franklin Trust with the ACCF, which will go on giving forever to “do good” in our communities.

Soon Frank and Kristen accepted our invitation to attend the ACCF Annual Dinner; it was at that event that the Samoskys took their philanthropy one step further by establishing a Donor Advised Fund.  This was about more than giving back to their community, it was about sharing the joy of giving with their son.  They put his name right on it – The Frank, Kristen, and Evan Samosky Fund.  This endowed fund will allow them to make grants to nonprofits in our own community each and every year, and as Evan gets older he will become more involved with the grantmaking, first helping to make the decisions, and eventually contributing to the fund.

As a friend of the ACCF, I know you understand what it feels like to give money to fulfill a need in our community.  Whose life will you impact with your gift today?  For whom will you set an example?

We are asking you to consider a gift of $100, $250, $500, $1000, or another amount significant to you, before the end of the year to support the work of the Armstrong County Community Foundation.  This tax-deductible gift will ensure support for our community organizations.  Remember that in order to take advantage of a tax deduction in 2011, your contribution must be postmarked by December 31st.

Donate to the 2011 Annual Campaign 

The Armstrong County Community Foundation is an asset in our community that has been established for the long term.  It provides donors, like the Samoskys, Mary and me, and you the opportunity to impact our community by working together for the future more effectively than we can do individually.

Thank you in advance for your generosity, kindness, and forward-thinking.

If you are interested in learning more about establishing an endowed fund at the Foundation, please speak with Jessica Coil at 724.548.1261, myself, or any of these fine Armstrong County citizens, who serve as the ACCF Board of Directors:

Lance Whiteman, President

Christine Moss, Vice President

Autumn Vorpe-Seyler, Treasurer

Chase McClister, Secretary

Richard Snyder, Director Emeritus

Jerry Arbaugh


Thank you,

Frank and Mary Baker


P.S. — Your contribution of $100, $250, $500, $1000, or another amount significant to you, before the end of the year is important for our community.  In order to take advantage of a tax deduction in 2011, your contribution must be postmarked by December 31st.  Donations may also be made securely online here.  Thank you again for your support.


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